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    6 Acre trees -homepage.jpg
    Wildwood.??Proof that ecological abundance can be harvested while maintaining healthy, biodiverse ecosystems.

    The Call for a New Forest Framework in British Columbia

    A Letter to Government Decision-Makers

    Merve Wilkinson selectively logged his land in Yellowpoint on Vancouver Island and maintained the biodiversity of the property. Now owned and managed by the Ecoforestry Institute Society, the legacy continues.

    We are a non-profit charitable organization, run by a volunteer board and supported by a strong core of members and volunteers like you. Thank you for your on-going support!

    The Ecoforestry Institute Society is Charitable Registration #88911-10599 RR0001


    Help us protect Wildwood, an important demonstration Ecoforest; the only one on the west coast of North America. Your donation enables us to provide Ecoforestry Education Programs that show the world a sustainable method of forest management and economic value.

    Donate for yourself or on behalf of a loved one to the Ecoforestry Institute Society. We’ll send you a card to recognize your donation and the person you donated on behalf of. Just click on the button above .. it’s that easy!



    Your Membership in the Ecoforestry Institute Society matters and shows the world that you care about old growth forest ecosystems. This natural system is vital in our fight against climate change.

    Help us protect Wildwood so that we can show the world that there’s more value to these forests than just the harvested fibre.